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Cleaning data & setting up test interview

November 12, 2010

Working today to clean up the data from Twapper-keeper and getting my pool of 20 participants to pull a sample from. For interest sakes, here are the numbers of tweets per week for each of my sample timeframes. Here are the numbers of tweets tagged with the hashtag.

  • Feb 2-8, 2010: 3,874
  • March 9-15, 2010: 3,241
  • May 18-24, 2010: 5,859
  • June 15-21, 2010: 5,878

That is a total of 18,852 tweets.

From here, I removed duplicate entries from participants who contributed more than one tweet since I only want each participant to be available in the sample once. So, cleaned the data to find unique participants. There are 2,938 unique participants.

I went back to Research Randomizer to pull 20 random numbers between 1 and 2,938. The 20 random numbers are: 149, 299, 316, 440, 591, 601, 622, 695, 899, 1277, 1393, 1476, 1830, 1850, 2308, 2331, 2358, 2414, 2553, 2823 (screenshot).

I’ve run into a bit of a problem. When I look at the Twitter accounts of these potential participants, I see 2 accounts that are obviously controlled by corporations who have contributed to the conversation. This is a situation I never anticipated, however, i believe I can eliminate these accounts because they do not meet my predetermined criteria of being educators. I am going to speak with my supervisor about this, but I think I will be removing them from this sample.

I am also doing a test interview with a friend who uses Twitter. While I have used Skype recorders to record calls before, I haven’t done so for a long call as will be required for the research, so I want to test recording a long call, as well as give my questions  a dry run and see if the questions I have put together will get me the data I am looking for.


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