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Next round of participants

December 2, 2010

Of the 3 invitations I sent out, I did have one person express an interest. I sent an email with the consent form asking them to review and email me back. It has been 7 days and I have not received it back so I am going to move on and generate another set of potential participants.

For the other two, I did not receive a reply so followed up with an email on Saturday. It is now Thursday and have not received any response, so I am also elimiating them.

Tonight, I generated another 20 random list of number using Research Randomizer from the remaining 2919 possible participants. The next 20 numbers are: 48, 307, 721, 837, 939, 974, 1020, 1069, 1191, 1430, 1682, 1826, 1841, 1952, 2142, 2145, 2283, 2391, 2402, 2842 (screenshot).

Of these, 3 are not educators and 12 do not have contact info. Invitations have been sent out to the remaing 5.


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