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Round 3

December 5, 2010

Had 1 response from last round of 5 invitations I setn out. The one response turned out to be from a pre-service teacher, so I had to eliminate her from the study. No other responses to my queries, so I am sending the follow up to the 4 others.

I am also generating another list of 20 from my population, and will be sending out a first query to those. I now have a population of 2898 and am generating another random set of 20 numbers from that population (screenshot).

The next set of numbers is 116, 119, 139, 279, 445, 517, 544, 748, 783, 879, 897, 937, 1199, 1479, 1541, 1606, 1772, 2210, 2441, 2864.

Of these, 5 met the criteria for the study, and have been sent invitations.


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