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Fourth participant, Twitter follow up with a 5th, and responses

December 20, 2010

It looks like I have secured another interview (4) for after the holidays. I have sent three possible dates to the person in the hopes that I can have it done the week of Jan 3-8th.

Additionally, I have sent follow up requests to those who have not responded to my last round of emails. One of those email addresses got bounced back to me. This person is someone who I have connected with before on Twitter – I follow them and they follow me. So instead of passing on the possibility of having this person in my study, I have sent them a message on Twitter asking them if they could provide me an alternative email address that I could use to send them an invitation.

In the meantime, I have begun transcribing the first interview I have done. I hope to have the three interviews I have completed so far completely transcribed by the end of the holiday break.

On another note, one of the people I have interviewed recently mentioned the interview in a blog post they wrote. It does contain information that I think might be useful in the research, so I am going to ask my supervisor about wether or not I could use it in my research as it may add something to the analysis.



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