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Interview 6

January 10, 2011

Of the interviews I have done so far, interview 6 felt like the flattest, or perhaps shallowest, so far. Not any fault of the participant, but I think because I was very aware that I only had this participant for a set amount of time due to them having another appointment the needed to make. I rushed through the questions, and feel like I didn’t probe deep enough. As a result, I am not super happy with the result of this interview, although it contained some information that reinforces what I have heard other participants say.

I also wondered whether I am digging deep enough into the content piece of the Twitter question.  Almost all respondents have talked about sharing of resources as a primary piece of using Twitter – it’s almost spoken of as a given – but I have not gotten into depth about these resources and the exact nature of what is shared. I am not sure that digging deeper into what types of content they share will yield anything further that I want to follow up with, but in my next interview I will spend a bit more time talking to the participant about content in more detail.


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