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Interview 7

January 12, 2011

A very good interview yesterday. I felt I had a nice rapport with the participant and gathered some information that helped me solidify some of the early themes emerging from the interviews. The participant was articulate and, while lighter on specific examples of Twitter than others I have interviewed, has obviously thought about some of the issues that I brought up in the interview, especially around how to manage the flow of information and around network building.

Moving the PLN questions off the top helped as it felt easier to weave that back into the conversation at a later point when speaking of Twitter. It also helped frame more definitively how this person thought of the people they follow on Twitter, and whether they considered them part of their PLN.

One thing I did for this interview that i wish I would have done for the previous is jot down key phrases that the participant says and then use those as prompts for them to move deeper, or add further explanation or elaboration. While i did take notes for all the interviews, and often used these for follow-up questions, for this interview I would write down quotes of things the participant said as I was interviewing them, and then repeated it back to them asking for more information. This worked very well at getting deeper into some of my questions. While I did do some of this for the other interviews, I found this technique of taking notes not of my feelings of what they were saying, but what they were actually saying made it easier to ask good follow-up questions.

I feel done. I have completed 7 interviews, and have begun jotting paper notes of themes that I feel are emerging, and ideas I have for the analysis. I can sense that I have, in all this content, what I need to move forward.


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