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January 22, 2011

I am working at transcribing the 7 interviews I have collected. They are all between 60 and 90 minutes long. So far I have finished 4 and am hoping to finish the 5th this evening, with all 7 completed by the end of the month 8 days from now.

It has taken 4-6 hours to transcribe each interview. The process is fairly manual. I am using the open source VLC media player and Word, doing it by hand. I play the interviews back at 1/3 speed and find I can get into a good groove. All the interviews are transcribed in all caps. Once I am finished I go back, convert the document (which is usually between 10 and 12,000 words) to mixed case, and then go through and manually spellcheck. Spell-checking and converting cases takes about 20 minutes per document.

It’s manual and time-consuming, but worth it, I think, to revisit the interviews once again and get a feel for them as a whole without having to worry aboutĀ  conducting the actual interview. And I suspect the next few weeks, once these are transcribed, will be deconstructing and reducing the whole into pieces as I begin to tease out strands for the analysis.

The challenge with the analysis will be to not only find the common themes, but also respect the unique individuals – the ideographic, and ensure that those unique moments are captured in the analysis. It is much more than just finding themes, but also using my own experiences in the analysis to fish out things that are unique and interesting. There has been a lot of anecdotal work done on this topic (blogs, etc), and the challenge will be to find something fresh that will add to the conversation. I can certainly see themes and patterns already in the four interviews I have done, while at the same time getting a sense of some of the unique perspectives of the participants involved.

Tomorrow I chat with my supervisor – the first time we have spoken since prior to starting my data gathering. I am anxious to talk to him and get his perspective on the project so far.


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