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Meeting with supervisor

April 2, 2011

I met with my thesis supervisor this week to discuss my progress and my revised timelines to complete. The new timelines look like they will work for him, and with the extension I should still be able to complete my thesis in time to graduate this fall. My submission deadline for the final paper has been moved from may 15th to July 9th, with my first draft due on Friday, April 23, 2011.

I am anticipating a fairly length thesis (120 pages?) because of the nature of IPA analysis. Being hermeneutic (double hermeneutic to be exact), the analysis will require many quotes from the primary data sources to support the analysis. I suspect the quotes will make for a lengthy piece of writing.

My supervisor has recommended I find a good editor who is strong with APA formatting, so I’ll begin to hunt down someone. we are also beginning the process of finding an external reader to review the research as part of the validity. I have also committed to myself that the final paper will be publicly posted on my blog, a thought that both terrifies and excites me. I want to make it open to comments and hope that my peers will take the opportunity to review, critique, support and generally crank away at what I have done.

We also discussed the lit review and the need to revisit and expand that, based on the inforamtion the research is uncovering. I have decided to do a moratorium on reading any new Twitter research that comes my way – there is just too much to keep up right now and I have more than enough for my lit review. If a major study comes out in the next few months, I’ll probably miss it unless it hits me over the head. My supervisor thinks this is wise – at some point the lit review just has to stop.

I also spoke about some of the theoretical footing that I want to ground the research in, again hitting on some things that I want to add that are relevant to the research. So that will need to be added to the lit review.

I am close to completing the analysis of my second interview and hope to have that done by the end of this weekend.

I am currently coding and adding memos to the interviews, picking out whatever strikes me as interesting at this point. My supervisor has emphasized that at this stage, that is good. I was worried that I was over coding, but I need to do a fairly detailed first level analysis, and, after reviewing a bit of my coding and memos, my supervisor thinks that I am on the right track. Later on I’ll begin going through all the codes and memos and begin reducing and eliminating, combining and looking for super-ordiante themes. At this point, I’ll be eliminating the content that does not answer the research question – it all has to come back to that question: what role does Twitter play in the development and maintenance of Personal Learning networks among educators? I have a lot of information that does not (at least obviously) relate to that question, so much of what I am coding will probably end up not being used in the final paper. But I have been surprised at how things that I thought were irrelevant early on are suddenly becoming relevant and useful to answer that question.


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