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April 23, 2011

The past 2 weeks has been fully immersed in analyzing and writing. It has been an iterative process as I write, revisit the texts, write, and revisit.While my IPA resource manual said that I might find the idea of decontextualizing sections of the participants interviews as part of the analysis process uncomfortable and difficult, I find the opposite is true and, after reading and listening to the interviews numerous times as a whole, decontextualizing has helped me better understand some of the key ideas articulated by all or many of the participants – finding similarities and differences in their stories.

I’ve been rewriting pieces from my proposal that are still applicable to the final thesis. I reread my methodology section this week and was pleasantly surprised to find myself feeling very happy with what I had written, and my justification for choosing a phenomenological approach for this research. My feeling with most Twitter research being done  right now is primarily quantitative focusing on network analysis of the relationship or content analysis of tweets, or mixed methods where surveys are the primary research instrument. Not a lot of this type of in-depth long form interview stuff which, I hope, will be useful and add a deeper, richer layer to enhance what is currently being done.

I’ve added a section in my lit review that references Stephen Downes and his work on learning networks, specifically referencing the idea that autonomy is a key piece of a learning network. This autonomy is manifested by the participants through decisions around who they will follow, and what information they choose to pay attention to. membership is fluid, and 2 of the participants speak directly about pruning and grooming their Twitter followers on a regular basis – fine tuning to ensure that their network is achieving what it is they want it to achieve.

The first draft of the thesis was supposed to be into my supervisor yesterday, but I am not ready yet to submit anything for review. I still need to do quite a bit of writing. I believe I have my major themes established and am revisiting the interviews looking for quotes from the participants that provide the support for the themes.

I am thinking that, at some point, I will want to move this blog over to my own self hosted blog to have a record there.

I currently have 4 days off work and have thrown myself headlong into finishing this first draft for Monday and sending it off to my supervisor for his feedback.


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